3 Ways to Level Up Your School Counseling Stakeholder Relationships

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In this training, you'll learn to:


Boldly be heard amidst the noise of your stakeholders.

Shout your value from the rooftops without being braggy.


Strategically keep things fresh in your school counseling program.

Because boring is no fun.


Clearly value everyone's time.

Including your own.

Any of this sound familiar?

  • Your stakeholders dictate how you spend your time, and it's spreading you thin.
  • You're reactively making up your school counseling program as you go along. 
  • You wish all the people would just work together on the same team. (Aren't we all here for students, anyway?)
  • You're tired of stuffy, forced teacher PD that doesn't even pertain to you as a school counselor.

And the list goes on and on...

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Let me break it down for ya. 

For $34, you'll get...

  • A 1-hour professional development workshop with your high school counselor bestie, Lauren from Counselor Clique
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  • Certificate of attendance with your name, date, and my signature to provide to your people to prove you did some stellar PD
  • PDF workbook for taking notes, setting goals, and starting your next practical steps to partnering with your stakeholders
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Hey, I'm Lauren.

I've been where you are. I had to start somewhere, too.

When I was putting out fires with my half-empty extinguisher, I thought, "I've GOT to get ahead of this." I was sick of reacting to problems on my own when there were plenty of other people who could and would be on my team if I just strategized a bit more.

Imagine skyrocketing your counselor confidence as you actually pull off a project or event alongside your stakeholders.

When we use our strengths together, we can shine that much brighter. It's time to be an effective thought leader in your building!

Add this workshop to your calendar, and get ready to start transforming into the effective and efficient school counselor you want to be!

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