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In this workshop, you'll:


Brainstorm, write, and revise.

So that blank page is infused with your personality. You've got so much to offer these colleges!


Avoid the major mistakes most students make on their essays.

Go ahead; you can brag about this one.


Walk away with 2 completed college essays.

Procrastination? What's that? When this workshop is over, you'll be one step closer to hitting submit on your dream college application.

"This workshop was super helpful in me starting my college process. I feel confident about applying in the fall!"

- Claire T.

Any of this sound familiar?

  • You work on everything at the last minute... so some accountability for getting your essay done would definitely be worth it.
  • You want someone to give you honest feedback on your college essays (because sometimes your mom is just too nice).  
  • You want an essay so memorable that the admissions officers will pass it around the room after they read it.
  • You're ready to have your college essays DONE... and feel confident about the final product.

You are in the right place!

"The ways we brainstormed were ways that I never thought of getting an idea for college applications... I am much more prepared and confident for the college application process."

- Ben B.

Write Your College Essays With Us!

Let us break it down for ya. 

You'll get...

  • 3 days (12 hours total) of in-person workshop-style essay writing
  • PDF workbook for pre-workshop brainstorming, thought organizing, and note-taking
  • Concrete results ➡️ 2 complete essays by day 3
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"I feel like I have a more readily available skillset in knowing how to tackle the college essay process. It was a great head start to my college application process."

- Quin R.

We're Lauren and Bekki.

... public school educator friends who noticed a need to offer more help to high school students outside of the regular school day.

Throughout Lauren's time working with thousands of students over the past 10 years as a high school counselor, she noticed that the college application essays that students were writing did not match the caliber of the student she was working with. Rarely was a student able to articulate their personality in a compelling way to stand out to the colleges they were applying to.

So she asked her English teacher friend, Bekki, if she was also seeing the same thing happening in the classroom. 

I bet you can guess what she said.

With almost 25 years of teaching experience, Bekki has seen it all. She uses her gift of communication to guide and equip students to articulate their stories through writing.

Add this workshop to your summer plans, and join us as we help rising senior students confidently craft 2 standout essays for the college of their dreams!

See you there!



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