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Are you ready to go from beginning to end of the college application process while staying on track, organized, and knowledgeable?

Let me take you through College Prep 101: Clueless to Confident! If you need a personal cheerleader and expert guide to take you through the college application process step-by-step from the convenience of home, you've made your way to the right place.

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It's time to stop wondering what's next and start using a practical framework for the confusing college process.

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🌟 ... you need the college cliff notes. You're looking for someone to explain the important terms, so you can do all the things. (Hint: I've got the answers.)

🌟 ... college stuff is the only thing you're unprepared for in parenthood. You're most certainly a parenting-wizard, but no one expects you to be a college-counselor-wizard, too. Let Lauren of Counselor Clique take this one off of your plate.

🌟 ... you've woken up sweaty from that nightmare where you failed your kid on helping with college details. Rest assured. You haven't. I know that because you're here taking action.


"I can say with 100% confidence that I was assigned one of the world's preeminent counselors. Her bright smile and commitment to not only her job, but her students as well, eased my transition into college. Applying and getting prepared for college was definitely something I couldn't have done without her. She was an integral part of my successful scholarship application process with her guidance and insight on the process as a whole. Any student would be lucky to have her in their corner."

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What's Included in College Prep 101: Clueless to Confident?

  • 7 digital implementation modules with 36 lessons that include downloadable video, audio, and slides with lifetime access
  • Clear, actionable steps to move you through the college application process: searching, testing, applying, getting financial aid, and staying mentally healthy
  • PDF workbooks with over 50 pages of timelines, conversation guides, reflection questions, and doodle notes
  • Instant and immediate access to jump in whenever you're ready or whenever it's convenient for you
  • Access to Lauren as your college counselor expert throughout the process
  • Lifetime access to and limitless video views of the content... increasing your return on investment for multiple kids

Lisa and Kevin Taylor, Parents

"When your child first enters high school, you need all the help you can get. There are so many options for students today. Lauren provided amazing, personalized support that was tailored to our child's chosen path. Her knowledge helped ensure he met the academic requirements for some of the nation's top colleges while also giving him the flexibility to pursue extracurricular activities at the highest level. Her understanding of balance helped our son obtain a full scholarship to his first-choice school, a top-tier private university." 

Juliana Franco, Former Student

"As my high school counselor for 4 years, Mrs. Tingle was the most supportive and encouraging person. The college application process and all that it entails is overwhelming, especially for first generation students like myself. Going through the application process, the financial aid process, and even the emotional process that college entails is not one any student or parent should have to face alone. Having Mrs. Tingle in my corner advocating for my future success has shaped me into the student I am today. She will always have my back and truly wants me to succeed." 

Lorraine Holeman, Colleague

"With over 8 years of experience helping her students plan for life after high school, Lauren has mastered the art of the college application process. She meets students and families where they are and uses unmatched creativity and drive to guide them towards their goals. A relatable and caring expert in her field!" 

What Topics are Covered in College Prep 101?

  • Searching:
    • Using specific search engine tools to narrow down interests
    • Finding the best fit by looking at majors, housing, sports, extracurriculars, diversity, and more.
    • Visiting colleges in-person or virtual
    • Identifying a list of schools to apply to
  • Testing:
    • Learning all the fancy acronyms and what they mean 
    • Figuring out when and how to take what tests
    • Understanding fee waivers and how to test scores
  • Applying:
    • Learning timelines, key terms, and types of admissions deadlines
    • Knowing the inside out of your high school transcript and its implications on the admissions process
    • Getting a plan in place for your letters of recommendation
    • Understanding the importance of "demonstrated interest"
    • Mastering the college or scholarship interview
    • Becoming familiar with the different college application portals
  • Getting Financial Aid:
    • Deciphering scholarships, loans, grants, and work-study
    • Filling out the FAFSA and CSS Profile
    • Using a Net Price Calculator
    • Appealing a financial aid award letter
  • Staying Mentally Healthy:
    • Identifying negative mental health habits like stress, overwhelm, and perfectionism
    • Practicing time management, organization, and boundary setting

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